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A full range of high quality, beautifully engineered, shock absorbers are available from Proflex covering virtually all motorsport applications.

To take a closer look click on the thumbnail to view the products available for your vehicle and type of motorsport.

  • EVO4
  • EVO3
  • EVO2
  • Conventional
  • Classic


The EVO 4 was designed in response to the FIA ruling for Group N cars excluding the use of roller bearing systems, this shock absorber has been developed using only plain bearings.
Alister McRae played an important role in the development of the EVO4, using a prototype on the 2007 New Zealand Rally, before going on to use the EVO4 on various rallies since.
Now with plain bearings and internal lubrication system
Meets all 2008 FIA regulations for Gp.N and GP.A
Available only in a 55.0mm unit


Suitable for Gp.A, WRC and Circuit Racing the Evo 3 is available in both 45mm and 55mm sized units. This specification consists of one roller bearing assembly attached to the insert, and an additional roller bearing assembly at the top of the outer casing.

"The Full Roller Bearing" strut assembly, developed under WRC conditions, has lead to possibly the lowest friction strut assembly available.


The Evolution 2 MacPherson - type strut assembly is available in 45.0mm and 55.0mm sized units. Suitable for Gp A and circuit applications. This specification consists of one roller bearing assembly attached to the insert, and one fixed P.T.F.E. bush on the top of the outer casing. Frequent lubrication of the fixed bush can easily be carried out using the special grease and applicator provided. Should it be necessary to replace the top bush, this can easily be done by the individual without use of special tools.


This shock absorber, available in 45mm and 55mm units, has all the features of other units from the Proflex range in terms of adjustability and performance.

It can also be used as a coil-over unit where required. Available for most vehicle applications from single seater racing cars to off road and raid type machines subject to compatible design parameters.


Designed to fit Mk I and II Ford Escorts. This non adjustable damper is legal for most Historic Rally Categories. Check for your regional eligibility situation.

Available with new Gartrac Stub Axles. Use with Coil or Leaf Springs. The Proflex Classic gives you the latest technology and is unrivalled in this class.